Kylo Ren – The First Pizza Order Conflict

Kylo Ren’s entrance in The Force Awakens was as dramatically impressive as that of Darth Vader’s in Star Wars. It was the voice that got me, and as a way of starting to make my own videos, I made this test one using the original footage from the movie while working on recreating his voice.

It’s very rough in terms of the audio (fades, timing, etc) but hey, it’s a Glaswegian accent, so rough is somewhat expected. I made it in a day, but took a few days to get the voice right, which does sound pretty good when I put on a Kylo accent.

Kylo Ren: The First Pizza Order is just the first video in something I’m tinkering with in terms of where to take it all and the humour, which is also slightly off. I’m not really selling this, am I? 🙂 Hey, even blogging and how to do all this correctly is new to me!

Anyway, hope it brings a smile and do please turn on the subtitles, even for folks from Scotland.