The World is ending! Let’s watch the Star Trek ‘Into Darkness’

Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

What a month April has turned out to be; with threats of nuclear war being tossed around like it’s a day out in the park, and the horrendous bombings in Boston. What do we do?

Star Trek

If there’s something which brings the masses together across this fine planet of ours, it’s the movies. There’s a few big ‘uns coming out this year, and Star Trek is way up there on my list of those to see.

I enjoyed the first of J.J. Abrams Trek movies despite the foreboding time travel premise, but it turned out to be awesome. Star Trek 2: Into Darkness has looked pretty impressive from the trailers so far, and with Summer fast approaching, what better way to head into it than seeing the Enterprise smash into the ground!

So, to all those wanting to blow this planet up with the fervour of the newly converted, I say, go ahead, try it, but we’ve seen it all before and we’ll continue to shrug it off in the future coz planet Earth is da bomb (so to speak).