BBC iPlayer Radio Beams Its Way to Android and Kindle Fire

BBC iPlayer Radio Thumb

The BBC has finally launched their iPlayer radio app for Android devices, as well as Kindle Fire tablets. Originally being released on iOS, the new app has been given a facelift for Android alongside a few improvements over the iOS version, which the BBC’s James Simcock views as being a notch up from the iOS one: “This app has all the features of the iOS app as well as some improvements that, as an Android user myself, I think make it even better,” he said.

What you can expect from the new app is access to BBC’s radio stations, and a nifty alarm feature which will drag you out of your bed with the sound of your favourite programme. You can also use swipe gestures to get access to on-demand content and videos, and the fairly obvious sharing features which allows you to pass on your awesome taste in music to your friends.

The BBC blog has stated that they used the time to gather usage data from the iOS version to enhance the Android app, and with features such as the alarm clock working even when the app isn’t active, it’s some cool stuff in there.

BBC iPlayer Radio