New Trailer for Terry Gilliam’s Next Sci-Fi Movie – The Zero Theorem

The Zero Theorem Trailer

Whenever I hear Terry Gilliam is working on a new film these days, I assume two things: it will be intriguing, and there will be delays in getting it onto cinema screens. His movies aren’t always the easiest of experiences to get into, but once once viewed, they do linger on the mind, with some winding up becoming cult classics.

Gilliam’s new film is titled The Zero Theorem, and with a name like that, you would be correct in thinking this is a sci-fi journey through the mind, science and craziness. It stars Christoph Waltz (Qohen,) who plays an “eccentric and reclusive computer genius” undertaking the phenomenal task of working out if the ‘zero theorem’ equation is correct in proving that existence is meaningless. If it was a simple problem to solve, then we’d probably not have Gilliam directing a movie about it, so expect things to go off-the-wall crazy for Qohen as he tumbles into a reality that has us all questioning a few things.

The film was premiered last year, but has yet to be picked up by a US distributer despite the cast, which includes Tilda Swinton, Matt Damon and Melanie Thierry (who plays a mysterious woman who seduces Qohen.) Let’s hope this swirling adventure into surreality is released soon.