Season Four of Game of Thrones Had a Few Deaths and Here They Are in One Supercut

Every Death Game of Thrones

Spoilers beyond these gates

With ‘Game of Thrones’, you can expect a couple of folks being destroyed in every gruesome way imaginable, every single episode, and in the just completed season 4, the deathly chaos kept on coming – it’s a wonder any character surviving since the first season!

The thing about the show, is that the characters leaving this mortal coil are mostly well-placed and meaningful, with the occasional senseless murder thrown in now and again. This video rips out 169 killings from the latest season, and supercuts them together for the morbid soul out there wishing to relive the brutality.

The music comes from Underscore Orkestra, which kind of makes the entire thing an uplifting affair.

Every On-Screen Death In 'Game Of Thrones,' Season 4