Six Minutes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Chronological Order

Star Wars Force Awakens Compilation
Star Wars The Force Awakens Chronological Order Special Edition (ALL Footage In Order To Present)

I’ve really liked the restrained teasers and trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and now that it’s almost upon us, the short TV spots are still not massivley giving away the story and this is something plenty of dorectors have recently been complaining about when it comes to their own movies and how they’ve been marketed to the point half the film has been seen before it’s been released.

This compilation from Disneyland Experience compiles all the footage released so far, which is around 6 minutes. The film has finally been given a run time of 136 minutues, which is the same as The Phantom Menace. Much of the shots shown so far are centred around the scenes we’ve been teased previously, with just a few new shots, but the best part is that it simply has us wanting to see the whole story. It might seem we’re being saturated with all the marketing, but when you filter out the toys and peripheral stuff, the actual footage is still a small part of what is hopefully going to be one impressive surprise.