Beautiful Documentary on the Man Who Brought the Internet to the Remote Mountains in Nepal

The mountain region of Annapurna in Nepal is an extremely remote place, with access to the area only reachable by foot and taking several days.

As you can imagine, the internet wasn’t available, but in 2001, Mahabir Pun took it upon himself to connect the people with the rest of the world.

Pun was already familiar with technology after years of building computers from parts scavenged and assembled into wooden boxes. This led him wanting to bring the community online, so he turned to the BBC World Service to seek help.

The World Service went out of their way to help Pun and by communicating with him for months, as well as publishing his story, this brought Pun into contact with others who could help.

This wonderful documentary from Clemens Purner takes us on Pun’s incredible journey and that cinematography is just beautiful.