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‘Escape’ – A Scare for Those Still Wanting More Halloween

Escape Halloween Short Film

Halloween is still there for some of us in parts of the world, and for those still recovering from the frights from last night, A good sleep will do you well, with dreams so wild you’ll wake up searching the house for freaky goings on.

A good scare is fine for most and certainly for me, which is why I enjoyed this short film titled Escape from Gairo Cuevas.

Gairo Cuevas works over at the documentary department at Pixar Animation as a videographer/editor/assistant. The film is set up really nicely and while it’s a low budget horror short, it has the potential to be much more and leaves you wanting to know more about the game. All-in-all, it sets a good tone with the world it sets up and I’m looking forward to seeing what the director does next.