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Training to Be a Jedi in ‘Hoshino: A Star Wars Fan Film’

Hoshino Star Wars Fan Film

Who doesn’t want to train as a Jedi? I know I have but that was in a dream and I was fending off a horde of wild giraffes coming at me. However, that has very little to do with this short film, titled Hoshino: a Star Wars Fan Film.

The short centres on Ko Hoshino, who is undergoing Jedi training under the tutelage of master Jaan-Xu. Ko wants to get her hands on a lightsaber, but Jaan-Xu isn’t sure she’s ready for the challenge. Much like some characters in Star Wars, she’s young and just wants to swing that beam of light.

It’s a wonderful short film from Stephen Vitale and while we wait for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, this keeps the feels going until next month when it’s released.

Hoshino - Star Wars Fan Film