A 1978 Dr. Strange Movie Happened and It’s Exactly What You Would Expect

Dr. Strange 1978 Marvel

Trailer for the 1978 movie.

Scott Derrickson’s Dr. Strange looks every bit as wild and mind-warping as the trailers have us believe, but there was a previous attempt at bringing Marvel’s creation to the screen back in 1978.

The CBS TV movie is mostly everything you’d expect from back in the days when films like Cat From Outer Space were the thing to get excited about. Although, there was also a splattering of fairly decent comic book television back then.

In this film, Steven Strange is a different person, an altered version of himself, who inherits his dad’s mystical power and ring.

While the film will stand testament to the time, it isn’t all bad and has some fantastic elements to it.

You can check the full movie below and the new Dr. Strange opens tomorrow. Enjoy!
Video no longer available.