A Timelapse of Ants Eating Human Food Munching down to the Sounds of Random Music

Ants Eating Food

I once lived in Australia in a house surrounded by all manner of creatures waiting to devour things, and probably me. I remember once I accidentally left out a plate with a donut (eaten) and just a few drops of sugar on it. Within moments a horde of ants came marching through some hole in the wall and surrounded the goodies. Thankfully they didn’t take the plate away.

So, when I watched this timelapse video of ants eating human food, I knew they had evolved into Rice Krispies-eating beasts. Oh, and they also have a liking for apple pie and beef jerky. All the better is the thumping stock music playing over.

Ants Eating Timelapse #3: McDonald's Baked Apple Pie

Ants Eating Timelapse #2 - Jack Links Beef Jerky

Ants Eating Timelapse #1 - Rice Krispies Treats