Doctor Who Fans Can Now Have a Miniature TARDIS on Top of Their Christmas Tree

Doctor Who TARDIS

Christmas time… a time to celebrate and dust off that tree and try to assemble it without breaking it – if you’re like me and it’s a plastic affair. But! The other treat to celebrate is the Doctor Who Christmas special and what better way to celebrate Whoism than a tree with a TARDIS topper in place of an angel.

The topper is a miniature version of the time-travelling police box, which any fan of the show can appreciate.

Turn your holiday into the next Doctor Who Christmas Special with this TARDIS tree topper. The lightweight plastic replica fits perfectly on top of most trees without weighing them down. And like all the best holiday decorations, it lights up! Just flip the switch on the bottom, and an LED light will shine through the phone box windows. Forget tidings of comfort and joy – sign us up for tidings of mystery and adventure!

You can buy the TARDIS topper from Amazon UK for £29.00

Doctor Who TARDIS Topper