This Steely Danzig Mashup of ‘Dirty Work’ and ‘Mother’ Is All We Need Today

Steely Danzig

We’ve all heard the stories about the metal juggernaut Glenn Danzig, such as being a voracious reader and a man on fire. I say that because the first time I saw him live, he punched a fan at the front of the crowd for no other reason than simply being there, or perhaps annoying the singer.

There are plenty of stories about Danzig and he’s definitely a fascinating individual, once you peel away the tabloid stories. I mean, a person who gets riled up about bricks in his front garden definitely has a tale or two to tell.

Demi Adejuyigbe has done the most wonderful thing by mashing together Danzig’s Mother with Steely Dan’s Dirty Work.

The outcome of the mashup is something a little ‘soothing’, which kinda makes one want to really get together and put out a Christmas album of Bing Crosby songs.