Sonics and the Nokia Ringtone: Some of the World’s Most Recognisable Sounds and Their Effect on Us

Sonic Nokia Sounds Explained

Ever wander into a store and think, “Hey, I’ll buy this skintight 80s jogging thing?” – that’s the music playing around you, and also the lighting and design of the shop.

We’re filled daily with all sorts of sounds, which aren’t just the music we listen to, which kinda keeps me going. The iconic Nokia ringtone, the Mac and Windows startup tones*, Intel Inside music, and a whole raft of other sounds.

All of this hitting our brains over the years must have left an effect, a subtle one at times, and that’s what two sound experts have done exploring the psychological effect these have had. A lot of thinking goes into the marketing of items, and the approach behind them is fascinating.

*It’s blasphemy, but the latest MacBook Pro laptops no longer have the startup chime!