Vsauce Talks to David Attenborough About How Technology Is Used in Documentaries

David Attenborough Vsauce
Talking With Attenborough

The always amazing Sir David Attenborough sits down with Vsauce for a chat about how the latest technology is utilised in making his documentaries. At 90 years old, Attenborough has done things which would seem almost impossible without tech, but his perseverance and love of nature has brought us the natural world in a way that entertains and educates us. The narrator also discusses why it’s hard to make nature documentaries on humans and other things.

The spry 90-year-old talked about using the latest technology to make documentaries, why it’s hard to make a nature doc on humans and more.

Planet Earth II is currently showing in the UK on BBC One and will debut on BBC America from January 28th. The trailer for the series is below:

Planet Earth II: Official Extended Trailer | BBC Earth