Ghost or a Clever Trick? Mystery Girl Filmed Sitting on the Back of a Moving Car

Mystery Girl on Car Bangkok
Haunting footage shows 'ghostly girl' sitting on top of moving car

After just writing about visual effects, I just watched this video of a girl sitting on the back of a fast-moving car in Bangkok’s Huai Khwang district.

The eerie footage was captured by photojournalist Powarit Katkul, showing a red car on a busy motorway at night with the young woman just sitting there, legs dangling away without even acting like she could be hurled from the car at any moment.

Now, there’s a ton of fake videos out there and some are almost convincing. These types of ghost vids are particularly popular and like many, I love a mystery, even if it turns out to be completely fake.

The police were contacted by Katkul about the incident, according to reports, but he was told that the car’s registration had already been cancelled by the Department of Land Transport. A little investigating and it turns out the vehicle was a brown Opel taxi, but the car in the video doesn’t look like a Bangkok taxi.

The authorities have since contacted the car owner to try and solve this mystery.