Imagine Trying to Stuff This Giant Sushi Roll into Your Mouth

Giant Sushi Roll
Giant Sushi Roll By The Sushi Chef Institute |

For the 2016 Japanese Food Festival in Los Angeles, student chefs prepared a ginormous sushi roll for the event. Food blogger Mallory Carra of Couch Potato Cook was there to film the feat, which was to be served up as a tasty preview event.

Whether it’s a giant sushi roll or a video of one, some things take on a life of their own on the internet. A few weeks ago, I had the honor of capturing a video of the Sushi Chef Institute’s Giant Sushi Roll to preview their Nov. 13 Japanese Food Festival. …The Sushi Chef Institute in Torrance offers a curriculum to become a sushi chef in two months, sushi workshops, and catering services. The Japanese Food Festival preview event featured a sushi bar, rolls, some of the best fried chicken of my life (!!!), veggie tempura, ramen, decadent chocolates, and yes, a giant sushi roll.

Previewing The Japanese Food Festival At Sushi Chef Institute |