Get Your Camera Read to Take Shots of a Fake Holiday Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner Camera Ready
Food Styling: Make Prop Food Look Great on Camera

Thanksgiving wasn’t long ago and while many took time to prepare a lovely meal, Lauren Haroutunian of Rocket Jump Film School and Jimmy Wong of Feast of Fiction decided to show us how to get the perfect meal ready for that perfect photograph of all that hard effort. Sounds great, but instead of using actual food materials, they had us in stitches when they constructed the dinner with shaving foam, hairspray, superglue and tampons. Outstanding.

Still, it’s almost Christmas, so if you want all your friends and family on social media to marvel at your festive dinner, it’s just become a little bit easier with some fakery.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we decided to talk about food styling– a craft all about making food look good for the camera. We go over some classic Thanksgiving dishes and some of the tricks stylists use to make these dishes picture perfect.