Snl Brings Us Fisher Price ‘Wells for Boys’ for the Sensitive Boys out There

Fisher Price Wells for Boys
Wells for Boys - SNL

When I was a kid, my friends and I used to build dens by scavenging bits of wood from all over the area and creating our own hiding place… up a tree. This was back in the days when you run through derelict buildings to find old doors, cabinets – anything that could be used for our fortress.

But that was another century and completely off-topic, so here we have this funny commercial parody from Saturday Night Live introducing a new line of plastic wells for the sensitive boys out there. Instead of rampaging through the town and the bins for random junk to build things with, they can now have a well to think about how complicated life is for them.

The video was written by Julio Torres and Jeremy Beiler, and this episode features Emma Stone as the understanding mother.

Oh, and while we’re reminiscing about childhood, we used to tear apart abandoned cars, but that’s the stuff for another time, or book 🙂