2016 Movie Trailer Mashup

2016 Movie Trailer Mashup
2016 Movie Trailer Mashup

2016 has seen some great movies come out and some ones that we kinda wish went to VHS (yes, there is a store near me that has those for rent).

YouTuber Sleepy Skunk brings us this movie trailer mashup of this year’s films. Trailers get you pumped-up for the film and what really does it for me is the music, but when sometimes the film gives little that the trailer dod for you. The film is usually more evenly paced, so that means the dramatic score from the trailer is mellowed out, but used to good effect, since it’s there to emphasise a certain scene, such as editing the whole thing.

That was some run-on sentence, eh?

The music used in the video is available on iTunes:

1. Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan
2. Heroes (Bowie cover) by Scala & Kolacny Brothers (Album)
3. Unashamed – Composed by Confidential Music