If Westworld Was an ’80s Show, Here’s How the Title Sequence Might Look Like

Westworld Retro TV Intro
Westworld TV RETRO Intro

Remakes of almost everything known to humanity seem to be the thing just now, like Captain America: The Winter Soldier as an ’80s action movie, Game of Thrones intro done in ’80s fashion, and many others. These throwbacks to a time when heavy synth music was pumping away to overly dramatic scenes and graphics that were meant to ‘wow’ the viewer, are quite the contrast compared to most shows today.

Tom Gosling of MessyPandas decided to reimagine the artistic title sequence from Westworld as if it were from the ’80s. Even though the Westworld film was out in the early ’70s, it does seem more appropriate to remake it in the decade that gave us big hair and the glamour of Miami Vice.

He’s done a great job with this one and is probably one of the more creative versions of these type of videos. So, enjoy the wireframe graphics and yes, the theme has been given a synth remix.