SCREAMING MASSES – A mixed bag of something for everyone.

Who we are

Screaming Masses is a news site which aims to bring a little joy to people. The topics we write about cover just about most things; from technology and gadgets to kittens playing drums, if we think it’s interesting and of interest to others, we’ll post it.

How we do it

The articles at Screaming Masses are gathered together in the oldest fashion there is — trawling the Internet. Every day we visit dozens of websites, blogs and social media sites looking at thousands of stories in an effort to find the best there is. We also rely on reader submissions that can be sent in to us.

About Clarity, Transparency and Community

At Screaming Masses we try to keep our posts to the point, short and clear; clarity is what we aim to be. Outgoing links are clearly marked, and for products where we provide a price and/or link, we ensure it is stated and a link to the relevant website. Stories which are sourced elsewhere are credited accordingly.

We don’t receive any perks or gifts for the stories. We will always be transparent, so that you, our valued reader, will enjoy your time here and being able to find the stories that you want. You can find out more about our full disclosure statement.

One of the things we enjoy at Screaming Masses is sharing, the community. You can find us over on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram where it’s always a pleasure to meet new faces and hearing from our readers.