Category: Awesomeness

Watch Movement

The Fascinating World of Watch Movements

Some of the most interesting watch movements have been compiled into this video, which puts on show the ingenuity and craftsmanship involved in making beautiful timepieces.

Asphyxia Kinect

Dance and Motion Capture Unite in as·phyx·i·a

When dance and motion capture team up, something like this is produced. Featuring the work of digital artists Maria Takeuchi, Frederico Phillips along with performer Shiho Tanaka, this is as·phyx·i·a.

Finnair Santa Advert

Festive Ad from Finnair and Santa

Finnair and Santa have teamed up for this festive Christmas ad for the airline, and from the home of Santa himself – Lapland, Finland.

Goonies Playing Cards Featured

The Goonies Playing Cards

Own your own deck of “Goonies” playing cards right now. After a successful Kickstarter campaign from Albino Dragon, the lovely deck is now available for everyone to have.

Rainbow Strike

Revenge of the Storm

YouTuber Ingela Tanneskog saw a beautiful rainbow and wanted to film it. Only problem was a thunderstorm, so she waited until it passed before getting the camera.