Category: Short Films

PilotPriest Last Goodbye

PilotPriest: The Last Goodbye

An astronaut is in search of her partner in this beautiful animated short film from BRVTVS Collective and based on a song by Anthony Scott Burns aka PilotPriest.

Shopping Short Film

Trolling a Store in ‘Shopping’

A woman randomly strikes up conversations in Costco as she shops, but ultimately she has no intention of buying anything. Nice short film from Andrew DeYoung.

Sold Short Film


The story of a screenwriter who leaves Hollywood to escape the showbiz industry.

Ashes to Agassiz Trailer

Ashes to Agassiz Trailer

Watch the brilliant new trailer for upcoming documentary ‘Ashes to Agassiz’, which follows the insane stunts of freerider Graham Agassiz.

Racing for Rupees Animation Short Film

Racing for Rupees

“Legend of Zelda” hero Link is on a quest to get more money to afford a new shield in this gorgeous 3D animation.

Leonard Slow Motion

Leonard in Slow Motion

‘Leonard in Slow Motion’ follows a man who lives his life at a speed out-of-sync with everyone else, but once he finds out his office crush is moving away, he needs to quickly speed up his life to win her heart.

Bad Christmas Sweaters

Bad Christmas Sweaters

Watch the hilarious short film ‘Bad Christmas Sweaters’, when the festive gifts we all love turn against each other. Brilliant comedy film from Julien Lasseur.

Fallout versus Skyrim

Fallout vs. Skyrim

Fallout’s Vault Boy takes on Dovahkiin from Skyrim in this epic VFX-filled battle. Fantastic short film from Andrew McMurray which puts the characters into a real world scenario.

Planets after Planets

Planets After Planets

An astronaut on a lone adventure to another planet finds himself up against some space ducks. Lovely animation called ‘Planets After Planets’ by Titouan Bordeau.