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Tom Cruise US election 2020

Tom Cruise for President in 2020

Filmmaker Stephen Vitale and actor Miles Fisher bring us this humorous video in which saver of the world Tom Cruise runs for President in 2020.

Halloween 1978 Honest Trailer

An Honest Trailer for the Original Halloween Movie

Screen Junkies brings us this comedy tribute trailer for the classic 1978 Halloween movie with an Honest Trailer. While the new film is storming through theatres just now, perhaps it’s a good time to rewatch the classic John Carpenter original film.

Epic Crossover in Super Hero Bowl

Check out his awesome crossover battle between Neo vs. Rey, Harrison Ford vs . Harrison Ford and about a million other legendary characters.

Myth-testing Christmas Movies

Myth-Testing Christmas Movies

Myth-Testing Christmas Movies with Mark Rober and Jake from Vsauce3 to see they were actually possible in the real world.